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A large number of clients may and must be managed! We have developed our own CRM module designed primarily for interaction with a large flow of retail customers, which is measured in millions. So segmentation and clustering methods of clients becomes a high priority, allowing to build a personalized approach. You get an opportunity to study customer behavior and build further interaction with each of the customers, as well as much more.

Allows you to" look around " the client at 360° - get personal data, view purchase history, participation in promotions, accrual / write-off bonuses, history of interaction with social networks. All information is stored in the customer card.

Collects the client base from different registration channels: contact center, website, mobile application, cash Desk and identifies the client by phone, geolocation and e-mail. Filters clients by specified parameters. Duplicate information is excluded.


  • 360° Overview and analysis of data from online and offline stores: customer purchases, participation in promotions, accrual / write-off of bonuses
  • Customers are collected in a single database from various registration channels: contact center, website, mobile application, cash
  • Full profile of the client, his consumer basket and purchasing power: customer cards, purchase history, history of interaction with social. networks and brand
  • data quality Improvement: automatic synchronization of data exchange between offline and online stores and no duplicate information
  • Identification of the client on the various options: phone, map, e-mail
  • Manage static and dynamic target audiences
  • customer Segmentation by any parameters and segment management