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The flexible designer of offers and marketing campaigns in combination with the client segmentation mechanism and goods group formation allows to implement the most sophisticated offers. You will have the opportunity not only to create loyalty programs conditions and marketing offers, but also to establish mutual offers interoperability, manage by priorities of offers operations, providing a processing response to changes in real time. Online analysis of client behavior, purchases history and other actions give the opportunity to create target offers with dynamically changing parameters. For example, parameters depending on the weather, geo-coordinates, the goods purchases amount for a certain period of goods preferences.

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         Allows you to" look around " the client at 360° - get personal data, view purchase history, participation in promotions, accrual / write-off bonuses, history of interaction with social networks. All information is stored in the customer card.
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         Collects the client base from different registration channels: contact center, website, mobile application, cash Desk and identifies the client by phone, geolocation and e-mail. Filters clients by specified parameters. Duplicate information is excluded.
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<h3>SCOPE CRM:</h3>
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        <li>360° Overview and analysis of data from online and offline stores: customer purchases, participation in promotions, accrual / write-off of bonuses </li>
        <li> Customers are collected in a single database from various registration channels: contact center, website, mobile application, cash </li>
        <li> Full profile of the client, his consumer basket and purchasing power: customer cards, purchase history, history of interaction with social. networks and brand </li>
        <li>data quality Improvement: automatic synchronization of data exchange between offline and online stores and no duplicate information </li>
        <li>Identification of the client on the various options: phone, map, e-mail</li>
        <li>Manage static and dynamic target audiences</li>
        <li>customer Segmentation by any parameters and segment management</li>