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Especially for the clients of your business a convenient personal account has been developed. The main advantage - Quick start and easy integration. This development optimizes interaction with customers and adds transparency to the communication process.

Features that open with the WeB:

  • the registration and activation Procedure is the same as the personal account
  • Displays the number of active bonuses the client has
  • Displays the date, time, place of purchase, what was in the purchase, how many bonuses and discounts received, whether the payment was
  • card Information, including displaying the QR code of the virtual card for payment. Cards can be locked, replaced and attached
  • Displaying the location of outlets on the map
  • the Client receives push notifications that are generated and sent from the system. If he agreed to it when you install and launch Mobile App
  • Promotions, information messages that are created in the system and displayed in the mobile application
  • chat technical support. The customer's questions are answered by the operators of the contact center or technical support
  • Linking your social media account and disabling it syncs with your personal account
  • After registering and linking, you can log in to the mobile app via the social network, which the client had tied the previously-bound
  • in the settings of the personal account, the client can change the password. If you forget your password — you can reset
  • Ability to buy discount coupons in the system
  • Ability to create your shopping list. The list of products is not associated with the company's product catalog
  • Special offers are displayed as a list. Created in the system