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Loymax loyalty system is large and multifunctional. The system is very easy to use as a single window for managing marketing loyalty programs, as hundreds of satisfied customers say. Our task is to help you make friends with her.

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frequently asked question

How to start using the system Loymax?

Simply and effortlessly. You need to contact us in any way convenient for you, via the feedback form on the website, by email or by phone. Our experts will contact you to determine the scope of work. After that, the Loymax Loyalty Program will be integrated into your business. We will definitely teach you how to use the system and share your experience in creating successful marketing campaigns.

How often do I need to update the software for the correct operation of loyalty systems?

If you choose an Inhouse solution - do not worry about this, your personal account manager will notify you in advance of this need. If you use the Saas solution, then all the updates will be carried out by our experts, while saving you time.

Is it possible to work collectively with the service?

Yes, of course!

What are the sources of monitoring in the system?

Sources of monitoring in the system:

What is more effective for a trading network: create your IT solution to automate a loyalty program or use a turnkey solution?

On the one hand, it may seem easier and cheaper to use your solution. On the other hand, the difficulties that arise can not always be resolved quickly and efficiently on their own, therefore, turning to professionals in this business it becomes clear that it is more efficient by financial and temporal measures to trust a company specialized in this, having high-quality technical support resources.

We already have a loyalty program. Can Loymax be integrated without losing information and customer base?

Loymax provides smooth migration from one platform to another without losing client data from the old platform to the new one. Examples of such solutions (see TERVOLINA).

What cash register software can Loymax work with?

1. 1С 7.7 (1С)
2. АВАРДА (АнСофт)
3. RUN-Retail (RunSoft)
4. УКМ4 (Сервис Плюс) до 73 версии
5. SET-Retail 5 (CrystalSet)
6. FRONTOL (Atol)
7. АСР 2 (NCR)
8. R-Keeper 6 (UCS)
9. R-Keeper 7 (UCS)
10. Gestory (FIT)
11. Профи-Т (Pilot)
12. PetroAdmin (Lukoil NSK)
13. Штрих-М

Can Loymax provide a loyalty program for an online store?

Yes, functionality is provided on the Loymax platform

We have our own mobile application. Will it support customers with Loymax cards?

Yes, there is a special ability to connect. You can design the capabilities of your own system yourself.

What is different of Loymax from other products on the market?

Platform Loymax has the maximum set of mechanics compared to other platforms on the market, user-friendly and intuitive interface. You can purchase SaaS solutions or Inhouse. Convenient tips and a mobile application, up-to-date information and recommendations on setting priority shares, the ability to use a large product catalog in the submarine, a wide auction system capabilities, a large number of bonus cards.
Loymax is suitable for various business areas: FMCG, DIY, Fashion, banks, tourism, pharmacies, gas stations and many others.

How to choose a loyalty program for a particular business? What you should pay attention to?

It is worth paying attention to the support - it is very important that your employees do not waste time on it. After all, being in touch with a client in a difficult moment is vivid proof of the importance of the client and contributes to the formation of loyalty to your company.
In addition, an important criterion is the functionality of the system (features) and the friendliness of the interface of the software product.

Why choose Loymax?

Maximum mechanic set (400+), round-the-clock technical support, the largest possible number of loaded commodity units, a variety of promotions, more than 40 predefined analytical reports and predictive analytics, universal APIs for integration with external systems, integration with social networks, a wide referral system.

How to evaluate the effect of the loyalty program?

The effect can be assessed by the following indicators: sales growth, decrease in churn, increase in the average purchase check, number of incoming customers, number of returning, increase in the share of regular customers, number of cards issued over a certain period.

Can Loymax be integrated with the Evotor cashier?

Yes, this possibility is provided, and there are examples of relevant successful implementations.

How fast is the integration?

Over 1.5-2 months due to the well-coordinated work of the project management team and the customer.