Loymax Loyalty

Create and manage your Loyalty Program of any complexity in our no-code and easy to use core module.

Increase sales with personal scenarios and relevant promos for your clients.

Loymax is capable of creating more than 1000 variations of promos and promo mechanics including personal preferences and motivators for each client.

You can manage the rules of the promotion with one click, set their mutual compatibility, set trigger priorities, choose the mathematics for calculating preferences in our no-code and user-friendly web interface.



Increase your traffic and average receipt using discounts in the form of percentage of the receipt or discount on a product, in the form of a special price or a fixed amount.


Decrease the churn rate with bonuses for specific purchases. Customize the conditions for awarding bonuses, their rate, write-off rules, lifetime and automatic expire.


Create and manage tier structures for your clients and expand it with different rewards for different tiers.


Attract more customers with coupons. The module supports coupons for the next purchase, coupons with a security strip and a hidden reward, electronic coupons, etc.


Use counters to count actions or restrict preferences. Stimulate the desired behavior and activity of customers.

Virtual Currencies

Use as a reward any number of virtual currencies: stars, chips, coins and others. Set your debit and accrual parameters for each.

Product Bundles

Combine products into bundles and increase sales.

Favorite Products

Motivate your clients to join the loyalty program with extra reward for their favorite goods.


Reward customers not only for referrals but also for their activities.

We are happy to answer your questions about loyalty programs and help you figure out how the Loymax platform will improve your business performance. Contact sales representatives for personalized recommendations and a presentation on working with Loymax software.

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Gamification and Probability Promotions

Connect any type of offers in trigged chains that are executed in any order. Award the winner with a super prize for completing a quest.


Collected points can be autmatically exchanged in an according amount automatically for selected preferences. For example, a discount for a specific product, a coupon, or a new tier in the loyalty program.


Our flexible toolset allowing you to easy create unik promo scenarios:

  • A client did not use a coupon → offer a gift for buying specific product
  • The client ingonred the present → offer an extra % of bonuses for a specific product
  • The client was not motivated with extra dicount on specific sum of the receipt → we offer a coupon with fixed disount