Business Intelligence (BI)

Helps to understand your data to make better decisions and increase sales.

The module allows you to determine typical patterns of purchases and customer behavior, create relevant offers for various segments, build a sales funnel, increase conversion, and much more.

Providing a discount

Instant access to key data. Ad-hoc requests.

The ability to process data and test hypotheses in a user friendly and intuitive interface.

Pre-configured analytical reports on blocks based on Excel, PowerBI dashboards.

Customer segmentation by any parameters and segment management.

Automatic multiple customer segmentation.

Automatic generation of reports in different sections.

Formed system of metrics for evaluating the quality of the loyalty program.

Cohort analysis.


Types of Segmentation

  • Segmentation by receipt amount, frequency of purchases, receipt length.
  • Binary segmentation.
  • RFM & BCG-segmentation.
  • LifeStyle.
  • Segmentation based on sensitivity to promos.

Flexible data visualization

  • Interactive Report Builder.
  • Interactive panels/Dashboards.
  • More than 40 pre-configured reports: loyalty program (11 reports), segmentation (4 reports), marketing campaigns (8 reports), sales (4 reports), communications (2 reports), limits (2 reports), Fraud (2 reports), clearing bonuses for the holding/coalition (2 reports).