Smart Communications

Marketing communications automation solution for multi-channel retailers, HORECA and e-commerce.

Use Big Data to increase repeat sales and manage churn rates.

Customer Profile

Collect and analyze any type of customer data across all channels to provide personal promos for each client.

Analysis and Segmentation

Automatic calculation of metrics that show the quality of customer base and creates segments of customers to work with.

User Friendly Fine Tuning

A clear visual editor allows to create communication chains with an unlimited length and conditions.

Data Integration

We assemble and combine data from your data systems. A JavaScript tracker is installed on your site, collects into a client profile the history of visits and user behavior

Behavioral Analysis

We analyze metrics for clients and segments, show dynamics and trends. We determine CLTV, AOV, time between transactions, RFM scoring and 7 more types of metrics.

Intelligent Marketing

Evaluate the effectiveness of each interaction with the client: did it motivate to return, how much money the interaction brought, what level of ROI was achieved.

360° Profile

A single profile combines information about the client from all enterprise systems: sales, marketing, call center, site visits, recommendations. The entire history of customer interactions in one feed.


We allow maximum personalization. When forming messages to clients, we take into account everything we know about them: socio-demographic factors, behavior, life cycle stage, time of day at their location.


The module uses the customer profile to generate the most relevant offer and deliver it through the appropriate channel: email, SMS/Viber, push notifications, mobile apps.

Improving Data Quality

How we achieve the most accurate segmentation:

  • We automatically filter non-existent, abandoned, blacklisted emails and phones.
  • We bring phone numbers and addresses to a single format, determine the time zone and city of the client.
  • We analyze delivery errors, server responses and spam filters. We mark incorrect email and phone numbers so that mailings do not fall into spam.

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Automatically segment clients according to attributes (gender, age, city), behavior (bought X products from Y category), metrics and scoring (CLTV, average receipt, RFM score), communication (opened the mailing).

Automation of Interactions

Client behavior (an order, transfer to a different segment, etc.) triggers an action. An analyst or marketer will be able to set up such scenarios on their own.