Loyalty Management and Marketing Automation Platform

Automating marketing communications and creating real personal promos using AI and Machine Learning 

Our Solutions

Loymax Loyalty

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Our Loyalty Platform All in One and No-code platform core that allows creating your Loyalty Program of any complexity

Our Solutions

Smart Communications

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Our CDP and Campaign Manager offers easy segmentation and trigger communications (SMS, e-mail, Push etc.).

Our Solutions


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Our analytical module helps to evaluate the effectiveness of your loyalty program.

Our Solutions

Machine Learning

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Offers personal promos for each individual client and as the result increases gross sales by 4%

Facts about Loymax

Rich Experience

Developing our platform and helping our clients to create top-level loyalty programs since 2010

Easy Migration

Our software engineers have a vast experience in seamless migration 


Integrated documentation of more than 8000 pages

Deployment in 8 weeks

Our experts deploy the platform with all the needed integrations just in 8 weeks

24/7 Support

We are available 24/7 for support 


Software architecture and continuous investment in the most advanced hardware ensures 99.9% fault tolerance.

Our Clients


14 years

Established in 2010

25 000+

More than 25 000 stores

100 000+

More than 100 000 PoS

About us 

We help companies to launch loyalty programs and automate marketing. We are always happy to answer your questions about loyalty programs and how they can significantly increase your revenue. Since 2010 we help our clients to integrate a loyalty management platform and to automate marketing communications and as the result significantly increase their profit.

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Piotr Rozanski
Marketing Director.
Yum! Restaurants International.

"In tight schedule Loymax has integrated their pilot loyalty management platform for KFC restaurants in Samara for the Yum! Restaurants International.

Loymax team has implemented for KFC unique products and promo mechanics in their system."


Ekaterina Zhuravleva
(Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Coach, Karl Lagerfeld, Polo Ralph Lauren ditributor)

“It is very user friendly. There is nothing complicated about it and very easy to segment our clients and reward bonuses directly in mailings.

We have integrated our mobile application with Loymax and now when the customer makes a purchase the app shows the receipt number, the store and all the information.”

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